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Name:Fanfiction and Original Fiction
Posting Access:All Members
Community description:In English, Spanish and Portuguese. All fandoms welcome.
Last update to the community's profile and rules: December 2018.

This is a community for writers of both fanfics and original fiction. All genres and fandoms are allowed. Feel free to share your stories and recommendations.

Posts in English, Spanish and Portuguese are all welcome.

Please note that I will not tolerate spammers, trolls, character-bashing, flame wars, moral judgement and the such. This is supposed to be a peaceful comm; try to ruin it and you'll be banned for sure.

Constructive criticism (or any other type of criticism) is only welcome if the author explicitly asks for it. Do not try to impose it on authors who aren't interested in critiques. If in doubt, ask first. If you get a "no" for an answer, accept it graciously and move on.

If you are looking for constructive feedback, please make it clear when posting your stories.


Suggested story header:

Word count:

(Here comes a cut or a link to the site where you've posted the story. If you post it directly to this community, it should be hidden behind the cut even if it's a drabble.)


You can add other fields to the header above. For instance, if you want to include a "warnings" field, you can (then again, you could always include all content information in the "notes" field instead, but that's up to you). Feel free to use an "author chooses not to warn" notice if you wish. Please note that gen (or lack of romance, lack of sex etc.), het (or f/m), yuri (or shoujo-ai, f/f, femmeslash) and yaoi (or shounen-ai, m/m, slash) are *not* warnings. These should be listed in the genres field.

When browsing the community, if you find a fic without warnings, just assume that its author has chosen not to provide them. If this bothers you, just skip these fics and focus on the others. Also, please understand that the existence of a warning list doesn't necessarily mean that the fic's author has warned for everything that you might desire. Inside this community you should always assume that every time you choose to read a fic, you're taking a risk. It's your responsibility to decide whether you want to take such risk or not, and to deal with the consequences. Do not try to blame or shame our authors for anything. Do not demand that authors include warnings (or add more warnings to an existing list), and do not contact me to demand that I change my policy on this subject.

VERY IMPORTANT: Attempts to pass moral judgement on writers or readers are strictly forbidden here. In other words, I do *not* allow posting of--or linking to--comments like "only evil insensitive people write or read this type of fic." No excuses, no exceptions.

Only the mod can post ads here. Please, do *not* contact me to ask me to advertise anything on your behalf, no matter what it is.

Finally, I reserve the right to delete any entries and comments which infringe the rules, and to ban their authors. I also reserve the right to deal with issues not covered by these rules on a case-by-case basis. My decisions are final and not up for discussion.

I know that a single community can't be all things to all people. This particular community is meant to catter specifically to the writers and readers who follow the rules on this profile page and respect all mod decisions. So, if you don't agree with the rules above, please look for another community or start your own. Do not contact me to argue about the rules, suggest different policies or request that I change the community in any way. Again: if you don't agree with the rules above, please look for another community or start your own.

For a similar LJ community, please visit [ profile] _fanfics_.

Happy writing and reading!
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